Our Install Products

Here you can find a complete list of products that Service Plus Install Solutions offers. Each category has their corresponding products with details and descriptions of each product.

James Hardie

Service Plus Install Solutions has had the privilege to align ourselves with James Hardie, taking pride in specialising in their products.


Want to bring lots of warmth and character to your project? Cedar cladding is a fantastic way to do so, and with so many different grooves and textures, you can individualise the look you want.

Cladding Systems

The XpressClad cladding systems are a different and interesting way to install cladding.

Panels and Sheets

Panel and sheet cladding can make your project look sleek and architecturally designed with the modern aesthetic they create.

Ply and Batten

Ply cladding is a versatile and modern way to bring your project a fresh and clean look. Batten cladding can be placed vertically or horizontally and can bring you another way of creating a versatile look.


Pre-cladding needs to be installed before cladding to form a protective weather barrier. Cladding without pre-cladding is like palova without cream. It just won’t do.

Soffits and Trims

Who said your soffits couldn’t be as snazzy as your cladding? James Hardie offers a great product to solve your soffit and trim woes.


Vertical or horizontal, weatherboards are a kiwi classic. They’ve been on villas for years, proving they’re a timeless cladding choice for your projects.