RAB® Board

A pre-sealed air barrier for use behind cavities in medium to high-rise facade construction. It forms a part of drained and ventilated pressure equalizing cavity system. RAB® Board creates a drainage plane and is designed to withstand full wind loading.



RAB® Board is a pre-sealed rigid air barrier for use behind cavities in medium to high-rise facade constructions. It forms part of a drained and ventilated cavity or rainscreen systems and helps in equalizing the wind pressures within a cavity to that experienced on a building façade. It is normally used in specific engineering design projects.

RAB® Board also forms an effective drainage plane which helps in draining moisture. The acrylic sealer applied on RAB® Board surface acts as moisture repellant and prevents the timber frame from moisture. RAB® Board can be used in both residential & commercial markets.

6mm thick x 2450 or 3000mm long x1200mm wide



  • Prevents the frame from being exposed to air leakage due to high wind pressures.
  • Provides a drainage plane to manage moisture within a cavity.
  • Painted green for easy identification on site.
  • RAB® Board is suitable to resist high wind pressures within the cavities.
  • Provides excellent temporary weather protection before final cladding is erected.
  • RAB® Board also achieves good bracing values.
  • Product warranty of 15 years.

Fire Resistance Rating

30 or 60 minute fire resistance rated systems can be achieved when installed as per the current James Hardie Fire and Acoustic Technical Specification.