Ultra Texture | Shadowclad®

Shadowclad® Ultra Texture combines the look and versatility of traditional Natural Shadowclad products with the time and cost saving benefits of a pre-primed cladding.


The primer formulation creates a more consistent and dependable undercoat that’s perfect for immediate on-site top coating. The Shadowclad Ultra Texture product features a solid band-sawn face profile. The product is suitable as an exterior cladding and is available in two treatment options: H3.1 LOSP or H3.2 CCA. The primed product has a high 60-80 microns film build, and can be up to 2 to 3 times thicker than traditional wet primers.


  • Manufactured from sustainably-grown NZ plantation pine
  • Range of sheet sizes, profiles and finishes for wide design flexibility
  • Compliant with NZ Building Code requirements
  • Vertical shiplap joints for easy and watertight installation
  • Low formaldehyde emission (E0)
  • FSC® certified (SCS-COC-001316) upon request
  • Band-sawn sheet surface provides a compelling tactile finish
  • Shadowclad exterior cladding system includes a wide range of purpose designed exterior flashings

– Description and details courtesy of www.chhply.co.nz