James Hardie

Titan™ Facade Panel | James Hardie
Titan™ Facade Panel is an exterior cladding system with a modern, contemporary geometric, expressed-joint look. Titan Facade Panel offers a bold industrial look where the modern panelised look is desired.
Stria™ Cladding | James Hardie
Stria™ Cladding is an ultra-sleek cladding option that plays with definitive lines and shadows to instantly transform home designs into an extension of your own personal style.
RAB® Board | James Hardie
A pre-sealed air barrier for use behind cavities in medium to high-rise facade construction.
Monotek™ Sheet | James Hardie
Developed specifically for New Zealand’s climatic conditions, Monotek Sheet is a versatile, cost effective cladding that creates reliable and seamless walls.
Linea® Weatherboard | James Hardie
A 16mm thick horizontal weatherboard with deep shadow lines. Linea® Weatherboard is the weatherboard that weathers well.
Linea™ Oblique™ Weatherboard | James Hardie
Embrace design diversity with Linea Oblique Weatherboard, choose to personalise your home using a blend of colours and lines.
James Hardie™ Weatherboards | James Hardie
James Hardie™ Weatherboards boast such versatility that your home will still be a standout on any street.
Home RAB® Pre Cladding | James Hardie
HomeRAB® PreClad™ Lining is an alternative to traditional building wraps used in residential buildings and provides the benefits of an extra weathertightness, improved thermal resistance and acoustic performance at the same time.
HardieFlex™ Sheet | James Hardie
The applications for HardieFlex™ Sheet cover a wide range of design solutions for residential and light commercial buildings.