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ExoTec™ Facade Panel

Exoctec Facade Panels are suitable for use even on high-rise buildings exposed to extreme wind pressure and other weather elements so you know that it will protect your home. Made from high-density fibre cement, it can be used for commercial and residential properties anywhere in New Zealand. Install using the ExoTec Top Hat system and add greater stability to your home.

The Top Hat Rainscreen fixing method offers versatility to architects and builders which is demonstrated by the variety of design styles that can be achieved including curved walls, vertical, horizontal or brick pattern panel layout. A wide range of decorative finishes can be used, from site applied acrylic textures, to factory applied polyurethane plain colours and metallic finishes provided by some specialist applicators.

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Thickness: 6mm & 7.5mm
Widths: 900mm and 1200mm

ExoTec™ Facade Panels provide a durable, expressed joint panel appearance for building façades and fascias. Not only is it a cost-effective and durable exterior building product, it will give an effortless jointed panel look with an ultra-modern feel.