Dynamic and unique building facades that really stand out

Linea™ Oblique™ Weatherboard

Find inspiration in the different elements Linea™ Oblique™ Weatherboard brings to external walls for dynamic and unique building facades that really stand out. Linea Oblique Weatherboard comes in two widths and can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications enabling you to create a range of different looks and designs.

Linea Oblique Weatherboard can be used to create colourful feature walls, full cladding for new builds, cladding for additions and renovations and internal feature walls. It is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for overhangs, protective cantilevers and other striking architectural features. Linea Oblique Weatherboard gives you classic and contemporary design solutions at your fingertips, all with the added benefits of premium fibre cement.

Description and details courtesy of James Hardie.


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Thickness: 16mm
Widths: 200mm, 300mm
Available Lengths: 2700mm, 4200mm

Also available in timber finish.

Embrace design diversity with Linea Oblique Weatherboard, choose to personalise your home using a blend of colours and lines.