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RAB® Board

RAB Board is an all in one bracing, airtight and fire resistant fibre cement rigid air barrier. An ideal product for use in residential or commercial specific design projects.

RAB Board is a non-combustible material which achieves excellent fire performance, unlike traditional flexible and timber wall underlays. The unique green panel has a built in air and water resistant barrier to keep moisture out, while still allowing the moisture vapour to pass through allowing the framing cavity to dry.

RAB Board has up to 60 minutes fire resistance rating and superior acoustic performance to reduce external noise. It can be exposed for up to 180 days without warping or shrinking.

RAB Board is suitable for the exterior of residential and commercial buildings including those in Extra High (EH) wind zones. It is fixed directly to the framing and then vertical joints are sealed over the face. Suitable for use behind all James Hardie claddings or claddings such as brick, timber weatherboard and more.

Description and details courtesy of James Hardie.


Commercial Rab - Service Plus Install
Rab - Service Plus Install

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6mm option available

A pre-sealed air barrier for use behind cavities in medium to high-rise facade construction.