Stria is a durable, low maintenance cladding that can be painted any colour you like.

Stria™ Cladding

Find inspiration in the versatile elements Stria Cladding brings to external walls for dynamic and unique residential and commercial facades that really stand out. Stria Cladding has distinctive deep grooved lines and can be laid horizontally or vertically, introducing an interesting design feature to the walls of your home. Imagine a house that’s completely wrapped in Stria Cladding where every wall is different, where it’s not just the wall style but the colour being changed, and you’ll start to see the playful element it brings to your design. It can be used to create colourful feature walls, full cladding for new builds, cladding for additions and renovations and internal feature walls. Stria Cladding is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for overhangs, protective cantilevers and other striking architectural features. Made from premium fibre cement, Stria Cladding is a durable, low maintenance cladding that can be painted any colour you like. Made right here in New Zealand Stria Cladding is designed to withstand our harsh weather and coastal conditions.

Description and details courtesy of www.jameshardie.co.nz


Stria - Service Plus Install
Stria - Service Plus Install

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Thickness: 14mm
Length: 4200mm
Width: 405mm

Stria™ Cladding is an ultra-sleek cladding option that plays with definitive lines and shadows to instantly transform home designs into an extension of your own personal style.